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Our Foundation believes its mission is to promote the public healthcare sector and public healthcare in an international context.

There is a large degree of catch-up required in the diagnosis of leukemia, particularly in developing and newly industrialised countries. While there are already highly qualified and ambitious scientists active in these regions, the available infrastructure is unfortunately often still underdeveloped.

State-of-the-art technology, laboratory equipment and training for five countries in South America

The starting situation can be improved by developing and modernising the equipment in molecular laboratories, and that improves the healthcare delivered on the ground. Doing this also contributes to global knowledge transfer, which in turn indirectly contributes more knowledge to the German healthcare sector.

In close consultation with scientists (Prof. Peter Valk, University of Rotterdam; and the leadership of the American Society of Hematology (ASH)) and hospitals on the ground, the Foundation has paid the costs for five countries and six laboratories in South America to procure the latest molecular analysis devices and consumable materials, along with their set-up and training. These facilities are in:

  • Santiago/Chile, Laboratorio de Biologia Molecular, Hospital el Salvador
  • Lima/Peru, Equipo Funcional de Genética y Biología Molecular, Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Neoplásicas
  • Lima/Peru, Banco De Órganos, Laboratorio de Histocompatibilidad y Biología Molecular, Hospital Nacional Edgardo Rebagliati-ESSALUD
  • Riberirao/Brasilien, Univeristy of São Paulo at Ribeirão Preto Medical School
  • Asuncion/Paraguay, Lab de Genética Molecular. Instituto de Investigaciones en Ciencias de la Salud.  Universidad Nacional de Asunción, 1. Instituto de Previsión Social and 2. Hospital de Clinicas
  • Montevideo/Uruguay, Laboratorio Biologia Molecular, Asociacion Española

The devices were ordered beginning in November 2019 and have now been delivered. They will enter operation in the next few months following a short delay due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Foundation is therefore fulfilling one of its core duties – achieving very high visibility while doing so – and is simultaneously available to advise local scientists together with the colleagues from Rotterdam. Further projects in this form are envisaged.

Medicine is making significant progress, including in the field of leukemia. However, without the right diagnosis, the results will fall short of what is possible. That is why we are working with full commitment on further development and dissemination.


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